This method returns a list of Distributors (for example schools and retirement homes) for a specific Data Provider. In order to call this method the Data Providers Base URL need to retreived using the List Data Providers method.

URL: [Data Provider Base URL]/openmeal/v2/distributors.json
HTTP Method: GET
  • addressCountry - optional parameter used to only get the Distributors for a specific country. Use the 2-letter [ISO 3166-1 aplha-2]( country code, for example "SE" for Sweden
Formats: JSON


The method returns a list of Distributors, including name, contact information and the Data Provider ID. Distributors are described with a data model inspired by the Organization.

Property Type Description Required?
name String The name of the organisation Yes
lang String The 2-letter ISO 639 alpha-2 language code describing the language used in all Strings of this object. For example sv for Swedish. Yes
description String A brief description of the organisation No
address Object The address of the organisation Yes
address > streetAddress String The street address No
address > postalCode String The postal code No
address > addressLocality String The locality, for example the City No
address > addressRegion String The region, for example the State No
address > addressCountry String The 2-letter ISO 3166-1 aplha-2 country code, for example SE for Sweden Yes
url String The URL to the organisations web site No
email String A contact email address for the organisation No
phone String A contact phone number for the organisation No
distirbutorID String Identifiying the Distributor within the Data Providers systems, not a unique ID across several Data Providers. Used to get data for a specific Distributor Yes
iCalendar String The URL to an iCalendar feed with the meal information. Read more information about the optional iCalendar feature. No



    "data" : [
            "name" : "The Local School",    
            "lang" : "en",  
            "address" : {
                "streetAddress" : "Main Street 42",
                "postalCode" : "555 55",
                "addressLocality" : "Stockholm",            
                "addressCountry" : "SE"
            "url" : "",
            "telephone" : "+46 555 555 555",
            "distributorID" : "123456789"